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Wildlife Photography

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You have entered the African galleries of To view the African wildlife or landscape photograph of your choice, please click on one of the thumbnail image links to the right. To proceed to additional African galleries click on the text links below the thumbnails. Text links on this web site are designated by blue text which changes to orange as you pass over it with your mouse. Text links are not underlined. To return to another gallery click on the large navigation text below or use the links contained in the filmstrip image map above. All site navigation is also available at the bottom of each page.


"Yellowstone Moose"
"Belize Howlers"
"Curious Grizzly"
"Dall Sheep and Storm"
"Grazing Griz"
"Lone Griz"
"Close-Up Moose"
"Moss Moose"
"Resplendent Quetzal and Nests"
"Sea Lion Battles Giant Alaskan Octopus"
"Basking Stellar Sea Lions"
"Mythic Fish"
"Sign of the Wild -- Tracks of the Wolf and Griz"

"Great (!) Zimbabwe 2001 African Eclipse and Safari" -- including Total Solar Eclipse, Wildlife and Landscape images from southern Africa

"Yellowstone National Park" -- including recent Wildlife photographs and a narrative on Yellowstone's newest passion, wolf watching

Below are direct links to the Wildlife narratives:

"Whale Tale -- In Search of the Mythic Fish"

"Wolf Watching in Yellowstone's "Off" Seasons"




“Africa gets under your skin and into your soul.” -- Sue B.

Below are photographs of the 2001 Total Solar Eclipse and associated safari wildlife photographs, generally from Zimbabwe and Botswana. Also included are descriptive narratives, accessed from the related photographs and from additional African galleries as linked from text below these thumbnail images. To view larger photographs please click on the thumbnail image of your choice. Details and titles are included with the larger images.



Below are direct links to the Zimbabwe narratives:

Zimbabwe narrative -- "The Wildest Place -- On the Ground with the African Cape Buffalo"

Zimbabwe narrative -- "The Persistence of Memory -- (The) Ancient Wisdom (of Elephants)"

Zimbabwe narrative -- "(A Tribute to the) Guides of Zimbabwe"

Zimbabwe narrative -- "Rushinga and the Day of Reckoning"

Zimbabwe narrative -- "Third World"



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