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Image Licensing

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Limited-edition Prints

Most of the fine art photographs exhibited on the web site are available as archival quality limited -edition signed and numbered prints. Standard black and white or color images are priced as noted:


signed and numbered 8" x 10" image with 11" x 14" double mat -- $50 each

signed and numbered 11" x 14" image with 16" x 20" double mat -- $75 each


Photofantasia images are hand-painted one-of-a-kind originals and therefore are custom ordered. Please call or e-mail as below for more information.


Please contact Willis at:

Willis Greiner Photography
P.O. Box 1515 / 12 Rabbit Valley Road
El Prado, NM 87529 USA
575-758-3670 or 303-903-9886


Another option is to purchase a license for a particular image (or images), and then use the image in your publication or for another use. For this strategy I'd likely provide a CD or other electronic media, or perhaps a color transparency. For the black and white images that appear on this website, I'd provide either electronic media or a duplicate photographic negative.

The following electronic form is for your convenience. If you would rather send the form, e-mail or call, please refer to the contact and link data at the bottom of this page. Thanks!


Name:                  Photos needed by:

Company:                    Phone Number:

Address:                  e-mail:

City/State/Zip:                   http://

Project Title: 


Your job Number:                   P.O. Number:

What images (by name) would you like to license?

Desired Media:    Other:

For use in:  Editorial   Advertising   Corporate   Other: 

Format:  1/4 page  1/2 page     full page  double page    other:    

Format:  color   b&w    horizontal  vertical  other: 

How many copies?    Where published? 

Local  Regional  National  International  Other:

English language?  Other:

Type of rights desired:  

Budget restrictions:

Requests and other information:

Check here if you would like to be e-mailed when new images are added to this site.

Please push to transmit this form. 

Push to clear the form to start over.


You may also fill out, print (from a print-friendly page) and then submit this form by mail to: 

Willis Greiner Photography / P.O. Box 1515 / El Prado, NM / 87529 / USA

or call with questions to: 575-758-3670 or 303-903-9886


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